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Are you tired of wearing contacts? Do you hate wearing glasses?

How would you like to have 20/20 vision without the risk and expense of surgery?

Drs. Cantwell and Lewis are dedicated to providing drug-free, non-surgical alternatives to vision care and vision correction. It is for this reason they provide an innovative, non-surgical vision correction therapy known as Orthokeratology, or, Ortho-K for short.

Ortho-K involves the use of customized shaping contact lenses to alter the curve of the cornea to correct nearsightedness. These lenses are worn in the evening while you sleep and taken out in the morning so you can spend the day without having to worry about your contact lenses or glasses – because you can see 20/20 without any lenses at all!


Wake Up and See 20/20

When you start the Ortho-K therapy, you will receive a set of contact lenses designed specifically for your eyes, which you will wear while you ’re sleeping. The next morning simply remove the lenses and voila – you should have crisp, clear 20/20 vision throughout the day!

The lenses are worn every night, and removed every morning. It is a safe and effective way to achieve 20/20 vision without fussing with contacts or wearing glasses. The beauty of this overnight Ortho-K therapy is that it is a safe alternative for both children and adults.

Do you qualify?

While this is a safe and effective procedure, not everybody is a candidate for this Ortho-K therapy of vision correction; so if you are interested, please contact us to schedule a thorough eye exam and Ortho-K evaluation. Determination of eligibility for the overnight Ortho-K therapy cannot be made without a thorough evaluation.


Please note that overnight Ortho-K therapy is not the same as Vision Therapy – an in-office program of therapy designed for vision problems that interfere with reading, learning and sports performance -- also provided at the Cantwell Vision Therapy Centers.

If you would like to know more about Vision Therapy or Developmental Optometry which is the treatment of vision problems impacting the learning process, please click here.

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